Change is Chance!
Perfect change of shape memory implants is new chance
for treating of Lumbar Spine Disorder


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  • Introduction

Our core product is a spinal fixation implant
made of TiNi-based SMA

Beginning with alloy material development institute, we have been researching on TiNi-based alloy's properties, application, and usefulness of medical implant utilizing its properties. We are making them for treatment of disc problems. And moreover, we have been developing rings and fittings for sales in defense and industrial sectors.

Our core product is a spinal fixation implant made of TiNi-based SMA. It has the advantage of no damaging the vertebra organization in surgical procedure. As a doctor the surgery is relatively easier and safer because there is less surgical intervention, almost no possibility of neurological demage and side effect, compared to the past way of surgery operation. After surgery, according to using this implant, patient's recovery period can be shortened.

The implant is fixed on the two spinous process due to the shape memory effect at human's body temperature, the material of the implant is called by SMA because it has a property to return to its original shape at a specific temperature.

On account of the fact that the shape memory alloy is flexible and human- friendly properties is high, the alloy TiNi-based has been made in many medical applications.

Main Business

  • Development and supply of materials utilizing properties of TiNi-based shape memory alloy according to the needs of the customer. Shape memory alloy is a mixture of two or more metallic elements chemically.
  • Sales of implant with biocompatible design utilizing properties of TiNi-based shape memory alloy for inserting into our body.
  • Development of key components for national defense.
  • Medical industry business model development - Improvement activate quest for the medical industry.