Change is Chance!
Perfect change of shape memory implants is new chance
for treating of Lumbar Spine Disorder


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What is thermophores?

Thermophoresis is the main physical factor that stimulates the diffusion of insulin solution into the subcutaneous layer. The heating of the skin that is in contact with the heated and moisturised surface of the porous plate (heated by IRradiation and saturated with insulin solution) causes swelling of the skin which then promotes diffusion of the insulin solution into the tissue.

Experimental studies have shown that effective diffusion requires three factors: a temperature gradient in the area of contact between insulin and the skin, heating of the adjacent skin, and the direct effect of IR radiation on the inner skin layer(s). The presence of these factors leads to the targeted percutaneous diffusion of insulin, allowing a good therapeutic effect.

Method of Needle Free Administration of Insulin

  • Transdermal diffusion of insulin can occur through a large surface area (tens of cm2) without any mechanical trauma.
  • Powder metallurgy technology has been successful in producing porous compounds with porosity counts as high as 65%.
  • The SHS TiNi-based material can accumulate and hold the insulin in the pore cluster.
  • A combination of the capillary diffusion and IR-radiation facilitates a targeted subcutaneously release of the insulin from pores into the body.

NoNNoS advantages?

  • No individual injections
  • Easier insulin management
  • More flexibility about when/what to eat
  • Allows for physical activity
  • Fewer swings in blood glucose level
  • Eliminates unpredictable effects of intermediate and long-acting insulin
  • Causes no skin irritation or lesions

NoNNoS conceptual framework?

  • Relative advantage
  • Complexity
  • Optional innovation decision
  • Observability
  • How-to knowledge