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Perfect change of shape memory implants is new chance
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Waist Belt

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Waist Belt

Doctor neurosurgeon Valery Columbus has more than 25 years of clinical practice in leading hospitals of Novosibirsk. He has extensive practical experience on neurosurgery and performed more than 2500 operations. More than 1500 surgeries in cervical spine site. In 2004 he defended his thesis on "The ventral stabilization of the cervical spine using TiNi-based alloy implants", PhD. He is a co-author of 3 patents on cervical spine surgical treatment and non-surgical correction of lumbar spine by extracorporeal orthopedic distraction.

But there was a challenge: how can we help a spinal patient without a surgery?

So, our task was to achieve a well pronounced similar effect but without any surgery.
The most common causes of pain in the back and neck is an overload of the spine that occurs due to the sedentary lifestyle, physical overloads, prolonged driving, PC working, etc. All mentioned affects our spine, and in particular to intervertebral discs.
Normally, intervertebral discs act as shock absorbers for our vertebrae. When repetitive overloads the spine take place, discs are no longer able to perform their function and behave like a flat tire.
At the same time they squeeze radicular nerve (Radicular syndrome) causing severe pain, disorders of the locomotor function in the upper/lower extremities, disorders in the intimate sphere, violation of urination and defecation.

How to solve this problem?

The most effective solution is a decompression of the suffering area by stretching.
But the next question arises: how to carry out an unloading of the spine without disturbing its natural functioning and work? On the one hand it shouldn't overload the ligament-muscular system of the back, and on the other hand muscles must fully function without atrophy. It is also very important that during the treatment a person might have the usual everyday life.

Are there any stretching techniques that would satisfy all the above mentioned requirements?
Yes, we've found it!

We've designed and patented a new method of treatment using extracorporeal orthopaedic distracter (dynamic correction belt). Before that we spent years of exploring and testing when studied thoroughly the impact of the biomechanical aspects of the belt on the back and concluded that its behavior as close as to those shown by the musculoskeletal spine system.

TiNi-based superelastic alloy fully corresponds in its physical-mechanical behaviour to the alive tissue characteristic, that allows to provide a constant dynamic 3D correcting load not leading to the adverse effect on the musculoskeletal spine system. Its stress-strain dependence is almost identical to those shown by bio-tissue as plotted in the Fig.

The elements in the dynamic correction belt are orthopedic superelastic TiNi-based alloy accordion wires. Through their use one can achieve high-performance, secure and long unloading of the spinal part to be treated without any harmful affects. A positive result was proven by using this device for over 7 years, more than 2,500 people with a variety of spine disorders.

How doest the belt look?

The dynamic correction belt is designed in two types intended for either cervical or lumbar spine area. Both types comprises two (upper and lower) supporting sub-belts which are paired by superelastic TiNi-based alloy accordion elements.

Owing to a cellular sandwich structure of each sub-belt, the resultant correction belt is flexible and also ensures enhanced supporting function. It's as light as a large cappuccino cup, just around 300 g. Moreover, a combination of the breathful orthopaedic material «Ortofom Lux» with nonmagnetic and rustproof accordion elements allows the belt to be washed and you to wear it under your close invisibly.

How does it work?

Superelastic accordion elements provide gentle, natural extension of the spine and unloading of the suffering area. Using the belt is the best way for back pain management/relief as well as discomfort feelings disappear quickly.
Due to the expander effect, the spine muscles do not atrophy hence; it improves blood circulation in the back area.
Muscles gradually remember the correct position, the muscle tone eliminates, and spine recovers its anatomically right posture.

Indications for the waist belt usage

  • Acute and chronic pain in the lumbar spine;
  • Pain in case of protruded or herniated lumbar spine disk;
  • Lumbar osteochondrosis including the presence of radicular syndrome, spondylosis, spondylarthrosis;
  • Not complicated L1-5 compressive fractures;
  • Violation of posture;
  • High lumbar muscle tone;
  • Upcoming provoking loads (active sport exercises, prolonged driving, PC working, body forced position job etc.)

Indications for the neck belt usage

  • Acute and chronic pain in the cervical spine including vertebral artery compression syndrome and vertebral-basilar artery insufficiency
  • Pain in case of protruded or herniated cervical spine disk.
  • Cervical osteochondrosis
  • After cervical disk surgery in case of moderate instability of the vertebrae
  • Fresh and chronic subluxation of the cervical spine, including the effects of birth injury
  • Various nature torticollis
  • Upcoming provoking loads (active sport exercises, prolonged driving, PC working, body forced position job etc.)

How long should I wear the waist belt?

The waist belt can be used during the day for a long time without any adverse effect to the body. Minimum wearing time is 5-6 hrs a day (continuously or intermittently), and the maximum one - unlimited. For more efficiency, you can use the belt lying down position (when resting or sleeping). How long you can use the belt is individual as per your feeling. Once the active phase of the treatment has been finished, in order to avoid relapse you are to use the belt even in the absence of spinal disorders/pain, in case you expect long-term physical loads, long air trip or driving, PC working, etc.

How to use the neck belt

Take the neck belt and press its subbelts placing under your chin. Clasp is to be either in front or behind you. Fasten the Velcro. Please do not tighten the belt, as it shouldn’t block the blood circulation in the neck vessels. The upper subbelt is in touch the lower jaw, without going to your face, and the lower subbelt rests upon the shoulders. Such positioning is necessary to attach both the upper and lower support. Start wearing the neck belt around 5-6 min 3-4 times a day, gradually increasing this time to 1.5-2 hrs a day. Maximum wearing time is unlimited as per your feeling.

Order processing time

Normally, for individual order it takes around 3 days.
To order the waist belt, you need to provide: your age, height, weight, and waist circumference.
To order the neck belt, specify your neck circumference.
The waist belt can be of two colors (black or white).
The neck belt has a detachable cover to be washed.